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Medievia has what we call PRIVATE SUITES They are found in MedLink and
what they ensure is privacy. One of the problems with discussing private
topics or doing private things online on games is finding a place where
you know you will not be bothered. Where you know some high level
player is not in the room invisible etc. If this is what you want, you
want Private Suites. They are free.

What happens is only one person can enter the suite along with anyone
in their formation. No one else outside the form will be allowed to
enter. Guaranteed. Only if the leader is in the room can the whole
form enter the room. If the leader is not, only 2 people in that
form can enter at a time. There are doors to the suites and closing them
is better than leaving them open so people cannot do a scan but the door
does not have to be closed to protect you from someone entering.