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Pet Baby Serpent Submarines are baby serpents that the player enters and
controls in all aspects just like a submarine.

- Owning an under ocean vent gets you a pet baby serpent submarine, which
  makes you the master. See HELP VENTS
- They are named by the master once using pet naming convention and
  cannot ever be renamed.
- Submarines come to the master when called, otherwise are no where to be
  found down the vent portal. No one yet knows where they go.
- They always eat the master when its head is in the room, as well as all
  players in master's room from the same town. This is the way into the
- If the master leaves the sub, it is very vulnerable as it will slowly
  head back towards its home vent and may be attacked by other subs.
- The inside is a very dynamic zone, twisting internally as serpent moves.
  The inside 3d layout is the same as the outside shape of the serpent.
- The master controls it from within the brain room via the PET command.
- Master controls its movement, if it is to eat ocean life, if
  it is to eat mobfactions, when to fire torpedoes, etc. It does nothing
  on its own.
- They are in no way as fast as a snail and cannot keep up with players
  trading on the seafloor or highways.
- Sub loses health rapidly 20 above the seafloor.
- They cannot go above 100 depth.
- They lose health when hungry.
- Sub must eat a lot of lifeforms, more and more as it grows, and will
  only eat when master controls it, tells it to eat, and moves it to the
- Eating ocean life doesn't make bigger ones come, players must do that.
  If the master wants to grow the serpent submarine to a larger size they
  must kill the OCEANLIFE until ever larger ones come, then feed those to
- The master can keep it small by only feeding it small stuff.
- The larger the submarine, the more it needs to eat.
- The lifeforms eaten stack up inside it, and are slowly digested and
  moved down its length, slowly regaining its health. They will attack
  players, and players can kill them to feed the serpent faster, which
  heals it faster.
- The two ways to restore its health is to return to its home vent, which
  instantly heals it - there are limitations as to when this can happen,
  and by feeding it.
- They can be told to eat mobfaction mobs except faezilla, but then
  players inside the submarine must kill those mobfactions before they
  hurt sub too much as they can kill it.
- They cannot eat derms.
- The further from the home vent the sub goes the less health and speed
  there is. Go too far and it dies.
- Player vs player Sub vs sub battles happen using torpedoes.
- The bigger the sub the further it can go from its home vent, the more
  damage it can take, and the more torpedo tubes it has, but it also
  becomes a larger and more easy to hit target.
- The main torpedo is forward and fires forward. New serpents only have
  this forward torpedo, as the serpent grows it eventually grows side
  torpedo tubes.
- Torpedoes hits do damage and are then inside the submarine zone and must
  be killed before they explode the second time, usually in 30 minutes and
  long after the battle.
- Torpedoes are all the same with the same damage, speed, and
  creation/load time.
- We will start this feature with unlimited torpedoes.
- The master fires torpedoes which come out and simply go fast and
  straight for around 25 rooms then disappear. They will hit any submarine
  from a different town, but will also hit your own submarine if it is
  long and in its own way. They have a good chance of hitting when in the
  same room of a submarine, and a chance when in an adjacent room.
- Torpedo direct hits in the same room have about one third chance of
  hitting a small sub scaling to a 100 percent chance for the largest.
  Adjacent room hits have one half that chance.
- Torpedoes are shown in the display as they move just like mobs.
- Torpedoes that hit the seafloor, vent, or land of any kind explode but
  do no damage to players or mobfactions that are there.
- Subs cannot go in their vent if a torpedo or mobfaction is inside, or if
  the sub that attacked recently is around, or if hungry, or within 10
  minutes of coming out of the vent.
- Subs cannot attack their own town, otherwise can attack any sub any
  master has out except..
- New subs cannot be attacked for an hour, or until they fire a torpedo,
  which means big submarines cannot wait as the derm battle ends to pick
  off a new baby serpent submarine.
- Players can own many vents and many subs, all must be fed though.
- The vent is owned until 90 days pass and serpent dies of old age, or
  until sub is killed by another sub, by mobfactions it ate, until it dies
  of hunger. This rule will probably change. I may just allow subs to die
  and then you just get a new baby one after a day. We will need to decide
  what would be more fun.
- The master can use a pet sense serpent command to update a display
  showing where subs within 100 are. They can do this only after the sub
  has been out 10 minutes, then only once per minute.
- The master can use pet super serpent sense to see map of the world
  showing the total sub size per sector. They can do this only after out
  10 minutes, then only once every 10 minutes. All subs hear this as a
  ping which gives them direction and distance to their location and who
  they are and what their pet submarine is named.
- The highways are easy to hide behind.
- There are player lifetime records for number of subs that reached old
  age, largest sub, total subsize mastered, subs killed, and an odometer.

There is a lot more planned for submarines when the UNDEROCEAN RTS (real
time strategy) feature comes out with kingdoms, the new kingdoms are
largly players controlling thousands of mobs RTS like, even under the