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A storage character is one that a player uses specifically to hold
additional equipment that they do not want on their person and cannot fit
into a locker. You may have one storage character per player you own that
has donation equipment; see HELP RULE for more info. Storage characters
can have up to 2000 items, after which the code blocks them from receiving

This character can receive equipment via mail, but cannot be logged on at
the same time as another of the player's characters for any reason. We are
aware that some magical items cannot be mailed. Thus, they can also not be
transferred to storage characters unless you can get someone else to pass
the items to them after you log one out to log the other on. (This is not
recommended due to the fact that some people in Medievia are dishonest and
may not hand it off as promised.) There is NO reasonable or acceptable
excuse for multiplaying, and storage characters are no exception.

Please note that just because a character is for storage does not mean it
is okay to character share. Please see the rules for character sharing
under RULES letter "i".