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You can tell the current system status by using the STATUS command. This
will show a general estimate of the current stability of the game, along
with 'red,' 'yellow,' or 'green.' When the status changes, there will be
a global message ECHO to alert you of it. You will also see the status
message when you log in.

Most of the time, status announcements are made when a restart is planned.
These resets are important and add new features or fix old ones. Players
must realize that the resets are not scheduled around the players'
schedules, but around the availability of the god who is making the change
or fixing the bug. This means that you should not expect that the restart
can be delayed just because you ask for it. It means you should not expect
to be reimbursed a zone run or a lair, or anything else. On the other
side, you should not complain that a reset is not done precisely on time,
at the risk of losing your praying privileges or receiving a gag.