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The sponsor feature is an official way for players to sponsor newer
players. This feature helps new players learn, helps older players help
new players, and gives extra donation tokens!

SPONSOR PLAYERNAME to ask someone to be your sponsor. They must be in the
room, visible, and not fighting. You will be queried to make sure you are
informed about this important and irreversible decision and they will be
asked to confirm and agree.

You can ask a player to be your sponsor until you pass level 31. This
setting of a sponsor can happen one time and can never be changed,
seriously never, no matter how many times people beg. Once past level 31
you may never set your sponsor.

Players can globally telepath to their sponsor and the sponsor can tell
back. Either side can at anytime gag this via the current but little used
TELLBLOCK command.

When you donate to Medievia for donation tokens the game creates one
additional token for every twenty you purchase and sends it to your

It is illegal to ask strangers you do not know to be their sponsor. You
may only be the sponsor of players you plan on helping a lot as they learn
the game. Ideally someone's sponsor is someone that introduced them into
the game or who plans to help them to level 124.

Players do not have to choose anyone, and are also free to choose one of
their players, which is very common. One would expect most people to have
their PRIMARY as their sponsor to get the extra donation tokens. Note that
you may temporarily MULTIPLAY to set your PRIMARY as your SPONSOR please
do so fast as it will get the God's attention if you leave both of your
players logged in for more than a few minutes.

Notice that this is a 5% discount in a way for serious players who own
many characters. If you set your PRIMARY Bob as the sponsor for all of
your alternate players he gets 1 token for every 20 you purchase for your
alts, or 5%, thus giving all serious players a decent way to maximize
their donations.

Note that only new players created after this features release may set a

New players are reminded to set a sponsor when they recall, when they
link to or from Medlink, and when they logout.

If you introduce someone to the game, make sure they ask you to be their
sponsor via the SPONSOR command.