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Usage       : cast summon <victim>
Accumulative: -
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : Level 8 cleric
Mana Usage  : 50 + 50 more if victim is mounted on a horse or another beast

Will summon the person of the name spoken, if that person is in close
enough proximity to you. The higher level you are, the greater the
distance you may reach across to summon someone. It is not possible to
summon someone of more than three levels above yourself.
You cannot summon people from a safe area, which includes all

Summon will also summon someone's mount if they are mounted, but it will
cost 50 more mana. If you are summoning someone to a place their mount
would not ordinarily be able to go, the mount will NOT come along.

Summoning someone against their will is illegal. Regardless of their
SETSUMMON settings, you must have someone's permission to summon them.
See HELP RULES part P, for this rule.