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Usage       : cast sense afar
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : Level 19 mage & cleric
Mana Usage  : 40

This spell allows the caster to see a visual representation of the whole
world and the risk from attacks from afar.

Afar risk is shown up with a number with 1 meaning an attack from afar is
in the area, 2 meaning two attacks are nearby, and so on.

A character represents how many afar attacks in the sector:
    .. = < 4  attacks
    '' = < 10
    "  " = < 20
    ++ = < 30
    XX = > 30

When an attack from afar is in the area MOBFACTIONS that live on the
mainland will leave players alone and instead focus on the attack from
afar. This dynamic of mainland vs. afar attacks will become a main feature
of Medievia.

Note: The spell does not show your location, and it never will. It is up
to the player to know where he or she is in relation to the world map.