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Usage       : cast resurrect <victim>
Accumulative: -
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : Level 27 Cleric
Mana Usage  : 150

Allows you to resurrect a dead player that the necromancer has not yet
made undead.

ALL IN FORMATION and IN ROOM must have enough hits to GIVE to the corpse..
In other words your formation offers their strength for the spell. The
amount of hits taken IS proportioned to amount of hits you have so if someone
in the formation has a ton of hits they donate the most.

An artifact, dedicated to the powers of healing, is required to focus the
energy when casting this spell.

Gods have been rumored to viciously punish those mortals who abuse the
powers of resurrection. It is NOT allowed to resurrect a player who has
been slain by a god. If this is seen, the person resurrecting will be
punished accordingly. It is also illegal to resurrect somebody, then
CPK them, or PK them in a GRAVE NPK zone.