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Usage       : cast map catacombs
Accumulative: No
Duration    : Twice your level in ticks
Level       : Level 17 mage, level 28 cleric
Mana Usage  : 50

This spell is CRUCIAL if you want to wander into the catacombs. When you
cast the spell a purple aura anchors to your body. As you walk around
inside the catacombs small pieces of the purple energy release from your
aura and stay in the room, taking the shape of your name and how many
times you have been in the room. Everyone will see this in the rooms but
only those with this spell on them will leave the text. It is sort of like
dropping peanuts in rooms as you walk around and counting them.

Rooms you have only seen using the FARSIGHT spell will show in blue, and
rooms where you have actually set foot will show in purple. This goes for
everyone; if you see someone else's name in blue, it means they only
farsighted into that room. If you walk into a room you have farsighted
into, your name will be blue. The act of walking into the room changes the
text to purple.