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Usage       : cast malediction (see below)
Accumulative: No
Duration    : 1 tick
Level       : Level 27 mage
Damage Type : General
Mana Usage  : 100 (but see below)

This spell allows the caster to convert a large chunk of his or her
current mana into pure damage. When cast, a black aura enfolds the
caster. The caster then has until the next tick in which to use the
malediction command to cause the spell to strike a target. When the
malediction spell strikes a target, half of the caster's current mana
is drained and converted into damage. This spell requires an artifact
of great power to properly direct the magical blast.

When the spell hits a target, the damage sustained by the victim is
determined as follows:
 1) A random multiplier between 50 and 100% is rolled.
 2) The casting cost of 100 mana is added to the amount of mana
 the caster had at the time the spell was discharged. The
 multiplier from step 1 is then applied to this value.
 3) The strength of the caster's malediction focus further
 scales this value.

For example, Ralf the Mage has 1300 mana and is holding a malediction
focus that grants 110% damage. He then casts malediction, leaving him
with 1200 mana. He walks into a room and sees his nemesis, Joe the
Barbarian. Ralf types "mal joe", and discharges his malediction at Joe.

The game rolls a random multiplier of 75%. Ralf had 1200 mana when he
discharged the malediction. 1200 plus 100, multiplied by 75%, is 975
damage. Ralf's malediction focus multiplier of 110% is then applied,
which raises the damage to 1072. Ralf then has 600 mana left.

After using the malediction command to discharge the spell, the caster
incurs a 3-round wait state.

Maintaining the malediction spell takes great concentration. If the
caster's concentration is interrupted, the spell will dissipate. The
spell cannot be cast on someone who is fighting, and attempting to do
so will cause the spell to dissipate.

This spell is known to cause all "PHANTASMAL IMAGES" to instantly