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Usage       : cast attune <object>
Accumulative: -
Duration    : Instantaneous
Level       : Level 24 cleric
Mana Usage  : 200

This spell allows you to attune a certain item to your location in
Medievia. You can later use that item to return to the location that it is
attuned to.

The following restrictions apply:

1. The item can only be attuned to locations in the wilderness.
2. You must be in the wilderness in order to use the item.
3. Attunement doesn't work in NPK wilderness. You can use the item in NPK
    wilderness, but you can not use the item to go to NPK
4. You must be within range of the location the item is attuned to in
    order to use it.
5. There is a slight chance of malfunction when you use the item.

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