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Medievian slang uses the word "spam" to mean two things. First, as a noun,
spam means the amount of text you see. If you're in the City of Medievia,
for instance, you might see weather messages, shouts, people moving
around, people talking, and other text, all at the same time. Not to
mention your clan, town, bloodline, and telepath channels! This is a
situation commonly referred to as "spammy." Turning off channels with
SETCOMM turning off movement with "BRIEF MOVE" and turning off
descriptions with BRIEF can help.

As a verb, "to spam" means to send a lot of text to the game in a short
period of time. If you're fighting, for instance, and you type
bash;bash;bash;bash;bash (semicolons in MudMaster will separate several
words into separate commands) you are "spamming bash." This is fine, and
sometimes can be advantageous in battle, but be careful. Remember that
commands you type after those bashes (or spammed harm spells, or spammed
looks) won't go through until they've all been processed. You can use the
"  " command to cancel any "queued" (waiting) commands and start fresh.

It is illegal to do anything that will cause spam for another player.
Dropping massive amounts of food or other objects, using a channel or a
social over and over, or even walking through a room or opening and
closing a door are all illegal if they inconvenience someone else.

If you try to say the same thing on any public channel more than twice in
a row within a few minutes, you will be warned that spamming is not
allowed, and your spam will not go through. If you keep trying, the gods
will get involved and may warn or punish you for spamming. For that
reason, don't do it.

As explained in Help RULES setting off other players' triggers is
illegal. This is a form of spamming that is not tolerated.

Here are some tips to reduce the amount of text that comes to your screen
from the game.

1) If you know a zone well and have already seen the room descriptions,
   BRIEF will show you only the room names. If you are in the wilderness,
   having BRIEF on will turn the map off.
2) Change SETCOMM settings. This will toggle different channels you see
   on or off.
3) Clan channel may also be turned off if needed. Sometimes clans can
   get very talkative about nothing in general, or nothing you care
   to be involved in. CLAN OFF will toggle the channel off, while CLAN
   ON will toggle it back on.
4) To look at another player, or at a mob, use GLANCE instead of LOOK
   You'll just see his or her (or its) condition, not a full description
   with equipment.
5) "BRIEF COMBAT" is another big spam dissolver. While brief combat is on,
   you will only see what your character is doing to the mob(s) you
   are fighting. You won't see attacks made by others in the room.
6) "BRIEF SPELLS" cuts down on spam by hiding the magic words other
   players and spellcasting mobs utter, and by hiding the results of
   some spells. Read the help file, as it also has other effects.
7) "BRIEF ROOM" shortens the list of people and mobs ("beings") you will
   see as you enter each room. This is great for DRAGONLAIRS and other
   places where lots of people and mobs are around.
8) "BRIEF MOVE" will stop the game from showing you the people you are
   with as you move from room to room. This is extremely useful if you are
   moving with one or more full formations, especially on traderuns.