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To contribute socials, talk to Seraphyr *before* submitting any. Any
submissions are subject to change before they are put into the game.
They WILL also be edited for grammar/spelling/usage, and might not be put
in if they're not appropriate for the game.

Variables possible are:

$n = name
$e = he/she/it
$m = him/her/it
$mself = himself/herself/itself
$s = his/her/its

Lowercase variables ($n, etc.) are the person DOING the social.
Capital variables ($N, M etc.) are the TARGET person.

You need text for each of the following scenarios:

player does social with no target "  " what the player sees
ditto, what the room sees
player does social to a target "  " what the player sees
ditto, what the room sees
ditto, what the target sees
What the player sees if target isn't here (room sees nothing in this case)
player does social to himself "  " what the player sees
ditto, what the room sees

Some socials (like yawn) only have some of the scenarios, like if you
can't direct it at someone (or yourself). Just leave a tilde on a blank
line to skip a scenario, but the lines still have to be all there and in
the right order.

Full example:

You are feeling so desperately lonely.~
$n is feeling so desperately lonely.~
You beg $N to rescue you from your loneliness.~
$n begs $N to rescue $m from $s loneliness.~
$n begs you to rescue $m from $s loneliness.~
You must really be lonely!~
You announce that you've been lonely forever and ever and ever!~
$n has been lonely forever and ever and ever! Alas!~

Again, please be sure to talk to Seraphyr before sending any suggested
socials. Also, if you're using mudmail, be sure your e-mail address is
current for the player from which you're sending (use the EMAIL command),
or you might not receive a response. It's yet another reason to never use
a fake e-mail on your character. Use your real e-mail address. We don't even
have the software to spam you if we wanted to.