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The Medievia MUDSlinger, often referred to as the 'Slinger' by its
readers, is a publication written, for the most part, by the players. It's
available at all good scribes within the game for just a few coins, so you
can read it in the privacy of your clanhall in Medlink, or even browse the
contents on the web at

To purchase a paper, simply find a scribe and type BUY PAPER For a list
of contents, type READ PAPER or READ INDEX Each article has a keyword you
can use to read it with. Example: READ EDITOR

The articles in the MUDSlinger are of a diverse nature, comprising
factual help articles, poetry and fiction (both humorous and serious),
and even the occasional competition. New print runs of the MUDSlinger are
announced in CHANGES and often on the e-mail list (see the web site to
sign up). Still, it never hurts to check the in-game version regularly. It
also contains details of TRADING conditions.

Should you wish to submit an article, try out the submission guidelines
available on the web or read Help MUDSLINGER_SUBMIT and the editorial
sections of the in-game paper for more details.  The god who deals with
submissions is Soleil (, and you should contact her
with ideas and questions.

Rare interviews are written - if you think you are a special person with
interesting things to tell people, then contact Kimetan (
to ask about an interview.

Everything published in the MUDSlinger is the property of Vryce and, Inc.