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When a site ban is placed, people logging on from that IP address or IP
range can no longer create new characters. This is usually done when
someone has created characters with vulgar or bashing names, or when
someone has broken rules (spammed, cursed, etc.) on level one characters.

A regular site ban prevents only the creation of new characters at level
one. For even more serious problem sites, a "full ban" can be placed,
which prevents ALL logins from that IP address or IP range.

It is illegal to create a character to give to someone whose site has been
banned. This includes the creation of a new level two bloodline child. If
your site has been banned due to the actions of someone else (for
instance, if you play from a public terminal where someone has gotten the
IP banned), you may write to to request that he create
a character for you. Include the name you wish to use, and the sex and
class of the character.

Certain IP ranges or ISPs (most notably AOL may also have a communications
ban placed, which prevents characters level 1-19 from that ISP from shouting
or abusing channels. See Help "AOL BAN" for information on this, and on how
to receive an exemption.