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This command allows a leading clan's leader or co-leader to change the
tax allotment for one of its sister clans. This tax will be deducted daily
from the sister clan's bank balance and placed in the leading clan's bank

This tax is basically to allow clan leaders to distribute town costs and
ranking within the town, and to make a paper trail. For instance, if a
sister clan's bank balance is not sufficient for any daily tax placed upon
it by the leading clan, a note is inserted into both clans' logs. The
SHOWCLAN command shows the tax placed upon any sister clan.

The syntax for the command is:  sisterclan <clan#> <tax>
Example:  sisterclan 55 2000000

This will place a 2 million gold per day tax upon clan 55. Two million in
gold will be automatically deducted from clan 55's bank balance and
placed into its leading clan's account. If clan 55's account does not have
enough funds, a note will be inserted into its log and the leading clan's

Sister clans are required to pay a minimum of 10 rooms worth of tax
(2,000,000 gold) per day to the leading clan, unless the leading clan
chooses to absorb that cost. If a sister clan cannot pay taxes to their
leading clan for more than 20 days, and the leading clan does not wish to
forgive the debt, the clan will be disbanded, and the clanleader frozen
until he/she can repay a debt of 40 million gold (20 days minimum tax) to
the leading clan.

Leading clans may NOT tax any other clan in the town for more than 10
rooms without that clan's permission. If a clantown contains more rooms
than the leading clan can afford, and the sister clans do not agree to
pay more taxes than their 10 room minimum, the leading clan should simply
delete the extra rooms.

Owing over 100 million gold in taxes to Medievia will now result in your
clan being disbanded immediately. If you are a clanleader and your clan is
disbanded for back taxes, you are PERSONALLY responsible for repayment.
You will be purged unless you pay this debt to Medievia.