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Syntax: SHIP <subcommand> [argument(s)]

Type SHIP by itself to see all possible subcommands.

Valid commands are:
    damage - damage - display damage report (help SHIP_DAMAGE
      goto - goto ship
      list - show all ships (help SHIP_LIST
             fae - Lists ships ordered by lifetime FAE
             sp  - Lists ships ordered by "SERPENT POINTS"
             clan [clan #] - show ships belonging to clan
   faelist - show ship FAE breakdown per clan
   request - ship - request permission to come onboard (help SHIP_REQUEST
  activity - shows recent activity vs the ship (help SHIP_ACTIVITY
     shots - show incoming shots (help SHIP_SHOTS
       map - shows the ocean around you (help SHIP_MAP
       tag - tag a serpent to find it later (help SHIP_TAG
       who - Show who is here and what they are doing (help SHIP_WHO
    survey - survey the surrounding area (help SHIP_SURVEY
      snag - snag something from the ocean (help SHIP_SNAG
   dismiss - dismiss deckhands or mobfaction (help SHIP_DISMISS
     train - train on a ship for free (help SHIPTRAINING