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This initial phase of Ship Training is very simple. It is free for now as
we test but will soon cost some gold.

There are 4 things to know.

1) Know how to ship. Know how to appoint yourself captain, how to manage
deckhands, fire guns, etc.
2) Do a SHIP TRAIN to get a new ship.
3) Do a SHIP TRAIN to get back to your ship if you left or died.
4) Do a SHIP TRAIN again when on the ship to quit.

What happens when you get a new ship? A new ManOWar is made, loaded and
ready to battle serpents or other ships.

It will have a name, one of 20 training vessel names. It will have sails
at full, anchor raised, guns installed - loaded - with ammo ready, and
serpent meat at the helm. There will be 37 deckhands hired and set to all
work guns. Their skill level is determined by the ship name. This ship
name / deckhand strength is purely random. It is good training to work
with bad crews and with good crews equally.

- There is a max of 20 ships allowed in the ship training pen at once.
- If you leave the ship for more than a few minutes it will be destroyed.
- The training pen is 200 X 200 located in the far southwest corner of
  the ocean.
- Mobfactions will not load, RUBY KAH will load.
- You can use this for training or as an Adversary type of free instant


A) If a player shouts to stop firing on him or her, you must obey this
request. The player may be training on serpents, or just not in the mood
for player vs player. You will be frozen if you fire on a ship when the
player shouts to stop. Ideally they will shout their ship name as well.

B) All serpents are open game for anyone to fire at.

C) It is ok for ships in the training area to fire on ships outside and
vice versa. If ships near the training area do not wish to be hit, they
should not get so close, all in good fun. This is a game after all.

D) Don't be an ass. If you're training you must have the goal to have fun
with whoever is there, and not be there to ruin other people's good times.

In the future we may allow other ship classes. We may allow you to load
any ship mobfaction you wish for training purposes.

Here is a list of the 20 ship names and their deckhand skill levels:
The Fist             70 to 88
The Pink Puppy       40 to 60
The Blood Bath       70 to 88
The Slug             30 to 55
The Dragon           90 to 99
The Dog's Breath     40 to 70
The Pretty Flower    20 to 44
The Hammer           99 to 99
The Charming Smile   40 to 66
The Drum Beat        88 to 88
The Confused         10 to 50
The Speck of Dust    10 to 16
The Dogface          50 to 70
The Yellow Belly     25 to 45
The Hero             75 to 99
The Joker            10 to 99
The Force            75 to 95
The Sissy            10 to 30
The Horse's Ass      10 to 10
The Imposter         10 to 20 half the time, otherwise 90 to 99