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It is important for you to know the whole plan even though most of it is
not ready.

MAP S will toggle ship map on and off. I highly suggest you leave it on
so you see a map as the ship moves. It is default off so make sure you
turn it on.

SHIP is the command to control every facet of your ship.
This command will show different available commands depending on what room
of the ship you are currently in.

To take a ship out you need sails raised, anchor weighed, and wind. The
wind direction is key. Wind behind you is what is best, and you cannot go
into the wind, for speed you will need to tack back and forth. If your
turning wind in the right direction will make you turn faster. The wind
speed is the main factor as to how fast you can go, with different hull
types and sail configurations being the other key for speed.

TO RAISE SAILS have players go up the mast and out onto the yard and do a
SHIP RAISE FULL or BATTLE, FULL being faster. You can also SHIP LOWER
STRIKE or BATTLE, STRIKE is lower all the way. Only one player can do this
per room. Six players can raise the sail three times faster than two
players. One person is not strong enough to raise a sail.

TO WEIGH ANCHOR ( raise the anchor ), have a player go to the capstan and
do a SHIP WEIGH It takes time to WEIGH an anchor and only one player can
do it. SHIP DROP will drop the anchor. This takes a little bit of time and
once lowered your ship will lose speed and come to a rest. Right now there
is no damage from DROPPING anchor at speed to stop going aground.

TO TAKE HELM go to the Helm room and SHIP HELM If you take the helm and
just walk off without SHIP LASH to lash the helm, the ship will come about
and do bad things. At the Helm you can SHIP HELM LASH and

TO STEER THE SHIP you must have the HELM at the helm. The ship is always
moving to the right on the map. Let me repeat to get your attention that
THE SHIP IS ALWAYS MOVING TO THE RIGHT. Ok which way does the ship move?
Good! So the world is rotated around that fact on your map. This can be
highly disconcerting but you quickly see the brilliance of the plan. So
your heading right and a land mass is there and you are going to crash,
turning right will be good so you do a SHIP COURSE 45 which changes the
current ship course asked for 45 degrees to the right, or to the starboard
for accuracy :) If you wanted to turn left (larboard) you would do a SHIP
COURSE -45. You do not ever give a direction to go, instead you change the
course. SHIP COURSE 0 will say go straight. SHIP COURSE 180 is turn
around. So to slightly change course to the left you do a SHIP COURSE -10.

SHIP STATUS shows everything you need to know about the ship. It shows
shots coming in, shows damage, rigging, anchor, direction, course changes,
speed, ammo, etc.

SHIP MAP shows the map, which you also get automagically when the ship
moves if you have MAP S enabled. SHIP MAP from a crow's nest will show a
larger map.

TO FIRE AT A SHIP you must first have a gun loaded via SHIP LOAD. Only one
person can load a gun at a time and it takes time. The Sloop has 3
different guns on Starboard, 3 more on Larboard, 2 on the Stern, and one
on the Bow. There are 3 types of Ammo and Guns on the Sloop: DartFlinger
is good against players on deck and masts, etc. FireCaster is good against
sails. Fire does not damage the ship yet. BoltThrower is good against the
hull. Normally you keep all guns loaded and ready. Once a gun is loaded to
fire at a Vryce's Warship do a SHIP FIRE HULL VRYCE You can fire at
RIGGING, HULL or CREW, using the best ammo vs each target is important.

TO GRAPPLE A SHIP you must come along side a ship and go to the ships side
do a SHIP GRAPPLE VRYCE for Vryce's Warship. Once ships are grappled they
share the same course and heading.


TO BOARD A SHIP you must go to the side of a grappled ship and do a
SHIP BOARD VRYCE for Vryce's Warship.

WHEN RUN AGROUND you can float your ship off. Turn your ship with SHIP
COURSE command so the ship is facing water. The ship will turn very slow
when aground. Then do SHIP FLOAT and eventually you should become unstuck.

SHIP PUMP when in the hull will pump incoming water out of the ship. The
more people pumping the faster water is removed.

SHIP SPY from the crow's nest will allow you to see detailed damage done to
a ship if the ship is within 30 rooms or so.

SHIP DOUSE is used to put out fires which will spread if not controlled.

Use SURVEY to see what ships are further off and to get ship names. The
Survey looks different when on a ship. It will tell you what part of the
ship you will see it from and how many points. There are 8 points per
quadrant. Four Points off the Starboard Bow means its right off of it
where Seven Points off the Starboard Bow would mean its its almost to
Astern. The survey shows the ships condition.

There are many other features of ships that are not yet ready to test.
Large maps from crow's nest, storms on maps, fog etc. The hull filling with
water with varying size holes and the more players BILGING the faster the
situation can be dealt with. Many types of at sea damage repair. We are
starting easy and simple and going from there. Again do not talk to Vryce
or Ozy without reading


See Also: "SHIP NAMES"