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For 1 million gold SHIP QUIT saves you out just as if you quit the game
and also freezes your ship until it has a captain or until 30 hours pass.
This gold is taken first from your ATM and if that does not cover it the
rest is taken from you personally. After 30 hours pass the ship will come
alive again and with no one aboard and it's fate will depend on the luck
of the ocean and its previous saved state. The ship must have gained
500,000 fae sometime in its life before it can be saved out via SHIP QUIT

Once the captain does a SHIP QUIT a 5 minute timer starts which is shown
on the SHIP MAP and SHIP STATUS After the 5 minutes the ship will be
automatically SAVED OUT. During these 5 minutes the captain may cancel the
timer and QUIT by doing another SHIP QUIT but the gold is not returned.
You may not start the SHIP QUIT timer within 10 minutes of popping Khrait
or killing a serpent that splits into babies. If the timer has started and
you split babies or pop Khrait the timer is canceled.

When you SHIP QUIT you also automatically pay your deckhands what they are
owed out of your ATM and or personal gold.

All frozen ships appear RED on SHIP MAP

Frozen ships pay docking fees just as if they were docked.

Frozen ships cannot be collided with, grappled, boarded, attacked by
ships, attacked by serpents, or attacked by the DM with mobfactions.

Frozen ships that have fire will get no damage from them and the fire will
not spread, as soon as the ship has captain the fires will continue just
as they were saved. The same thing for flooding, no more flooding happens
until there is a captain again.

When you log back in you will be on your ship right where it was with
everything exactly how it was, deckhands and all, that is assuming no one
else from the clan went to the ship and appointed a captain.

You cannot SHIP QUIT if:
- Docked
- In Safe Waters
- Recently been in a ship vs ship battle
- Have mobfactions on board
- Don't have 500,000 fae on board
- Killed a serpent that split into babies within the past 10 minutes.
- Popped the Khrait coming within the past 10 minutes.
- Don't have the gold to pay deckhands what they are owed.

See also: SHIP_INDEX