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Ship spells are somewhat like normal spells, but they affect ships rather than
players. Ship spells are cast like normal spells, but once cast take several
rounds to complete. Each round drains Fae mana from the ship you're on, and
if the ship runs out of Fae mana, you won't be able to complete the spell.
Like most ship tasks, if you move, engage in combat, attempt to cast another
spell, or perform any other "disruptive" activity, you will interrupt the
casting of the spell. If the spell isn't completed for any reason, the Fae
energy expended is lost.

Most ship spells affect the ship that you're on when you cast them. There
are, however, some spells that allow you to affect other ships.

There're a few requirements to cast a ship spell:
    * You must know the spell.
    * You must be on a ship.
    * The ship must have some Fae mana.
    * You must be a member of the clan that owns the ship when you start the
    * If you're casting a ship spell on another ship, it must be within range
      (about 15), and you must be outside.

In general, casting the same spell on a ship will extend the duration of the
existing spell to the maximum for the spell. It doesn't add extra modifiers.

Durations of ship spells are measured in phases, a phase being approximately
5 seconds long.

Master heros use less Fae when casting ship spells, and the ship spells cast
by master heroes have a longer duration.

NOTE - Obviously these are all new, and will certainly be tweaked as far as
       Fae cost and effectiveness. Please realize this before you practice
       the spells, we will not reimburse practice points if we tweak a spell
       effect to be lower.

Currently, the following ship spells exist: