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There are 2 ways to board a ship. The primary way is to fly to the ship.
If you are not a member of the clan that owns the ship, you must first
request boarding with the SHIP REQUEST command. Once you have approval,
you can then fly to the ship with FLY SHIP <shipname>.

The SHIP GOTO command allows for instant transportation onto the ship. It
can only be used under specific circumstances.

    ship goto <ship name>

This command is restricted to the following:
  - You must be a member of the ship's clan or have permission to board.
  - One of the following must also apply:
       - You died on the ship within the last 12 minutes.
       - The ship is DOCKED and within a short distance.
       - The game restarted within the last 12 minutes.

If the above conditions are met, you will be transported to the helm of
the ship. If you have been approved to board a ship, but cannot use the
SHIP GOTO command, you have to FLY to the ship, using FLY ship <shipname>.

To request permission to board a ship, use the SHIP REQUEST <name> command.
The CAPTAIN of the ship will get a message indicating that you wish to board
and must approve or deny your request. If the captain approves the request,
you can then use the SHIP GOTO command to go to that ship. If the captain
denies your request, you cannot fly to the ship, nor can you request
boarding permission again until the game restarts.

Anyone on a ship can use SHIP BLIST or SHIP APPROVE to see the list of
who's requesting permission to come on board, who's approved, and who's
denied.  Captains can use SHIP APPROVE <name> to approve requests, and
SHIP DENY to deny them.

Note that approvals and denials are not saved, so they're cleared whenever
the game resets. This is intentional.