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    setprivacy                       - show your privacy settings
    setprivacy <category> <priority> - changes priority settings
    setprivacy unlink                - unlinks your Facebook account

Medievia tracks your achievements, as well as circumstances, good or bad,
that befall you. If you link your player to your Facebook account, the game
will offer you the opportunity to post some of these events to your Facebook
wall. The SETPRIVACY command allows you to specify what kinds of posts you
are interested in.

Details on linking your Facebook account can be found in help FACEBOOK The
SETPRIVACY command will tell you if your player has a linked Facebook
account, and you can unlink your Facebook account by typing "setprivacy

Each event that the game is able to post belongs to a category, and for
each category, you can specify a priority. High-priority events are more
likely to be offered than low-priority ones. Available priorities are:

    HIGH    Offer more events for this category, even ones that seem
            relatively unimportant.

    MEDIUM  This is the default. Only important events in each category
            are displayed.

    LOW     Categories at this priority level will rarely generate any
            posts. Only very exciting events, like reaching hero or
            legend, are likely to be displayed.

    OFF     Setting a category to this priority level will turn off events
            for it entirely.

The system is designed to work best when most categories are set to MEDIUM.
For instance, the game already knows that reaching hero is more interesting
than completing an explore, and it takes this knowledge into account even
when the Leveling and Explore categories are both left at MEDIUM.

The following categories can be adjusted:

    Medals       Any new medals

    Leveling     Reaching new level milestones, including hero

    Bloodline    Bloodline events, such as having a bloodline child, using
                 a decree, or attaining legend status

    Clan         Enrolling in a new clan, leaving a clan, changes in
                 clanrank, helping win a towngame, and so forth

    Hero         Hero accomplishments such as herobattle wins, reclassing,
                 becoming an avatar, etc.

    Dragons      Slaying lair dragons, failing lairs, losing gold to evil
                 dragons, and other draconic things

    Quest        Winning a quest or purchasing an item from the quest

    Explore      Completing explores

    AutoQuest    Completing or failing AutoQuests

    Trading      Completing trade runs or losing freight

    Mobfactions  Defeating mobfactions, including CPK mobfactions such as
                 Hellraider; controlling a giant seaslug

    Fae          Turning in fae

    Politics     Winning or losing an election

    CPKWins      CPK kills and loots

    CPKLosses    CPK losses and loots

    Ships        Winning ship events, killing serpents, sinking someone
                 else's ship or your own, capturing ships, and other
                 nautical events

    Records      Setting records in daily, weekly, monthly, or lifetime
                 MLR gains; breaking underocean or Belt Championship

    Luck         Finding rare items, breaking expensive items, offering
                 dragon crystals, or trying your luck in other games of