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This command allows you to set certain types of items as 'junk'. What this
means is that it allows you to limit the types of equipment or items you
get out of corpses that you do not want to loot. There are items such as
potions or scrolls that you can set as junk. For instance, if you set both
potions and scrolls as junk, kill a mob and then type 'get all corpse',
you will get all of the items, except for potions and identify scrolls,
that were in the corpse.

Setjunk for scrolls will only affect the scrolls of identify and let you
loot all the other types of scrolls. Setjunk also only applies to corpses,
and only when you use the command 'get all corpse'. If you decide you do
want the potions this one time, you can type 'get all.potion corpse' or
'get potion corpse' without having to take potions off the junk list.