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Setform allows you to specify which people you want to be able to follow
you, entering your FORMATION This allows you to prevent people from
spamming you with follow requests, which can be very annoying and
interrupt your gameplay.

Type SETFORM by itself to see the settings, and SETFORM <number> to toggle
them on or off. For instance, if you type SETFORM 3 to change it to "on,"
members of your BLOODLINE will be allowed to follow you. If you type it
again to turn it off, they won't.

Remember that you still have to type YES to a follow request to let
someone into your formation, even if you have SETFORM set to "on". If
SETFORM is set to "off," you won't even see the request.

Syntax: setform  - shows a list of settings
        setform <number>
        <number> is 1 through 6 to toggle that option

Example: setform 2 toggles whether members of your clantown can
         follow you.