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Most doors in Medievia are conspicuous and can be found with little effort.
However, some doorways do not reveal themselves to standard observation.
Deliberately concealed either by magic, or exquisite masonry, these doors
must be found by using the search command.

The search command causes your character to pause, and focus his attention
on the walls of the room. Characters possessing high wisdom or intelligence,
or those who are nimble, will have an easier time locating secret doors.
Those trained in the art of deception and subterfuge, likewise have an
advantage when searching.

If you are in a room, and you suspect such a door may exist, simply type
search. If your search is successful, and the hidden door is unlocked, you
will open the secret door revealing an exit. If you are unsuccessful, or
no door exists, you will be informed to that effect.

Note: If you find a secret door which is locked, it will only open if you
have the appropriate key in your inventory. The key is not necessary to see
the door, only to open it. Once you have found the key, go back to the room
and search again. There are also illusionary walls and other exits which
are not obvious, even though magical screening may not be present.
Searching will have no effect on locating these. You must read room
descriptions carefully, look in all directions and study extra look-ats in
the room to discover them.

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