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Sea termites are dangerous pests that are known to harass ships on the
oceans of Medievia. They are social organisms that operate much like
common termites, yet are significantly larger, amphibious and have a much
heartier appetite!

Colonies of sea termites are rumored to feed on the dead husks of sunken
ships at the bottom of the seas of Medievia. Occasionally, however, a
young sea termite queen may pick up the scent of a live ship travelling
above and decide to make it her home!

Sea termite queens are cunning creatures that take great care in finding a
suitable place to make a nest. When a sea termite queen discovers a ship,
she will carefully and silently bore a hole through the hull, make her way
inside, then quickly secrete a sticky tar like substance to plug the hole.
Adventurers on the ship will be totally unaware of the arrival of a sea
termite queen. If the queen is not discovered shortly after she arrives,
a lot of trouble is in store for the ship and its occupants!

Once onboard, the sea termite queen will begin giving birth. Initially,
the queen makes termite workers. Sea termite workers will begin spreading
about the hull of the ship. Sea termite workers will gnaw away at the ship
and cause a great deal of damage to its insides. If the players on the ship
were unlucky enough not to have discovered the fresh colony by now, then
they will become aware of its presence by the gnawing and crunching noises
of the hungry workers and the scuttling of the termites about the ship.
Sea termite workers are hostile, and will defend their territory if
intruders arrive! They are more interested in devouring the ship than
fighting, however, so will not chase after their attackers if they retreat.

Once the sea termites have encountered the occupants of the ship, the
sea termite queen will begin making termite guards. Sea termite guards are
quite large and are covered by a hard, razor sharp exoskeleton. They are
capable of spitting an acidic venom that poisons and blinds their enemies.
To ensure the safety of their colony, sea termite guards will pick up the
scent of their prey and track them throughout the ship. Sea termite guards
are very dangerous, and if they find their prey, will release pheromones
to attrack the attention of other guards.

Adventurers on the sea that have a termite infestation problem should
learn not to hastily attack the colony. If they begin attacking it and are
ill-prepared to finish the job, then the queen will have more time to give
birth to sea termite guards, which are many times more dangerous then the
workers! If the occupants of the ship band together and perform a
lightning-fast queen attack, disposing of the colony will be somewhat
easier. The sea termite queen herself is a extremely dangerous but she
does not move. The death of the colony's queen is key. It is important to
kill the queen as soon as possible. If she is not fighting, she is making
more termites. A decent strategy is to go below, close the hatches to keep
guards away if any exist above, and attack the queen with a strong

The sooner the colony is discovered, the easier it will be to manage. If a
sea termite colony is not quickly taken care of, the ship will become
crippled and sink to the bottom of the sea, where the sea termites will
feast on its husk.

Sea Termites give normal Fae, HeroPoints, and gold when defeated.