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Searams often gather around a ship and attack it. They are the size of a
killer whale, with the head of a hammerhead shark, and have a large dorsal
fin covered in poisonous needles. Searams travel in pods, sometimes there
can be multiple pods attacking your ship at the same time.

A pod of searams will typically surface near your ship and slowly circle
it. At some point the searams usually stop, and then after a time, they
make a ramming attack on the ship.

If you point your ship directly at the middle of their pod or point
directly away from the pod, when you hit them they jump aboard the ship.
They have a much better chance of jumping on the ship the more directly
the pod is to the bow or the aft. If the pod hits you from a side, they do
not have much of a chance of jumping aboard, and instead ram the outside
of the ship which causes damage.

The trick is to never have them hit you from the side.

Searams have a lot of hitpoints but do not do much normal fight damage at
all. Occasionally they do hit you very hard with special attacks but
basically you just have to hack them to death. Sometimes the belly of the
beast will open and a whole bunch of baby searams will wiggle out. These
babies will usually try to head below decks. If 3+ are in a room they will
damage the room and try to make a hole down and out of the ship. This is
a good time to remind you that often you want to keep your hatches to
belowdecks closed.

When a searam dies on the ship, Fae magic is collected. This mobfaction
also gives HEROPOINTS and GOLD when defeated.