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Sea piranha are a MOBFACTION that the DM sends to harass players trading
under the ocean on the ocean floor.

- How many appear depends on how many players are nearby.
- They SCARE freight. The freight will not move until all nearby scary
  mobfactions have been defeated.
- They are all about the same difficulty, regardless of distance from
  Medievia City like many mobfactions.
- There is a few warnings before they appear.
- They are quick to swarm on players fighting any piranha in the swarm.
- Their swarm is not like a tight school of fish. It is more like they are
  all around looking for players to kill and then all dashing into that
  area in unison.
- They generally never go to the very bottom of the underocean, while it
  is not totally safe there, it is much safer than anywhere above.
- When you kill them you gain fae so make sure to have a fae orb.