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These massive beasts have the body of a very large lion and the head and
wings of an eagle. Griffins are a very smart and a very honorable species.
They have a fascination with both ships and humans. Marious says that
their kind has been hunted to the brink of extinction in their homeland
somewhere afar. Sea griffins use their newborn in twisted magical
experiments in their neverending desire to change their form. For this
reason, Sea griffins have recently been known to take a ship as their own
and use it as a refuge to have their babies in the crow's nest.

When a griffin mother finds a suitable ship, she will land in the crow's
nest and eventually have babies. The griffins will remain on the ship
until the mother dies, the babies die, or the babies are strong enough to

While they are on or near the ship the griffins will do all that they can
to protect the mother, babies, and the players abord. You do not have to
call for help, as you do  with the Kah, as griffins are very head strong
and do what they want, when they want. They will often come to help just
in time but sometimes they may not help at all.

If there is no threat on the ship for a while the griffins will fly out in
front of the ship and use their magic to make the ship much faster. If a
threat reappears they will fly back, land, and help out.

The babies will jump down from the rigging and pounce on a corpse, drag it
back into the rigging and eat it. This is how they grow. They grow faster
when eating.

It is said that the griffin have a particular fondness for kraken and
firestick meat. If you defeat the kraken or some firesticks, sea griffins
will be more attracted to your ship.

The DM will make sea griffins for ships that are sad just as it does when
it interferes for sadness and gives the Emerald Kah.