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Players use SEADRAGONS to quickly move a SHIP from one adventure area
to another. Seadragons live in the ocean and taxi ships around for a
price. They swim up and under the ship and take it very quickly across the
surface of the water, allowing the ship's captain to steer it via the
ship's helm control.

- Called via CALL SEADRAGON command.
- Only a captain can call one.
- The ship must be underway.
- You must not have had a serpent attack within the last 5 minutes.
- Ship cannot be under 75% damaged.
- Pirate ships (ships that raised the battle flag) cannot call seadragons
- Ship cannot be grappled.

- Seadragon leaves after 2000 moves as it is tired.
- Leaves if the ship's battle flag starts to raise.

You steer them via the ship's helm. While the ship is on its shoulders
between its wings, you actually are steering its head, not the ship or
the whole seadragon. It is like steering a 25 car train from the middle,
where each car follows the one in front. The seadragon will not crash into
land. Instead, it stops and waits for a course change. Note that even when
waiting at land for a course change, the seadragon still gets tired.

- You cannot fire a gun when on a seadragon.
- Seadragons will not harm a ship if you hit one with it.
- The DM may call a seadragon to attack serpents for you if it feels like
  saving the day for you.
- Seadragons will not attack serpents when moving a ship.
- Seadragons show up on the WWW Live Map.

The base price is 10,000 * the ship's tonnage in gold. A Man of War would
cost 2.5 million gold as it is 250 tons. The cost goes up by as much as 4
million if anyone in your town has called a seadragon in the last 120
minutes. If someone just called one it will be 4 million more gold, if
someone called one an hour ago it will be 2 million more gold, etc, down
to no extra gold if none have been called in the last 120 minutes.

If the clan you are in is not in a town we disregard when the last townie
called a seadragon and penalize you 2 million gold, as if your town called
one an hour ago.

Note that when you do a CALL SEADRAGON you are told exactly when your
town last called one, how much it will cost, and are asked to verify.
Anyone can do a CALL SEADRAGON to see how much it will cost, the captain
must actually call one. You can even do a CALL SEADRAGON when not on a
ship to see when your town last called one.

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