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Scrapple is a word game for all Medievian citizens to participate in,
including gods. Gods cannot win Scrapple finals except as an honorary

Here is how you play:
1. To enroll, wait for a category to be announced. When one is, telepath
   the god running it "scrapple <word you want to enter>". Once you
   have a word accepted you are enrolled in the first round.
   example: telepath Selthios scrapple apricot
                *or if more than one word*
            telepath Selthios scrapple king snake
2. Wait until the round is over, and watch to see if your word was
   accepted. It must fit the category, the triple value is optional.
3. Once the first round has been scored you can telepath the god running
   the quest "score" to see yours.
4. Multiple rounds will run for everyone to accumulate points.
5. Once the initial rounds are completed, the top 10 scoring players will
   compete in the finals.
6. Finals will comprise 5-10 rounds where the top 10 finalists compete,
   and then the top 3 scoring players receive prizes. Quest points are
   not given for Scrapple.

WORD APPROVAL RULES (Read this if you want to understand why your word is
                     approved or denied.)

Please note that the quest god has full rights to change rules since this
is an informal quest. Most changes will be announced at the beginning of
the quest or at the start of each new category.
1. ONLY words that contain information available to the god running the
   quest will be accepted.
2. Simple plurals are not allowed except for words that are always plural.
   (Example: "pants" is acceptable but "cats" is not.) Irregular plural
   words like "geese" are acceptable.
3. Combined words are permitted with their correct spacing. However, only
   the FIRST word of the combined word will count for scrapple points.
   (Example: if South Dakota is entered then SOUTH will count for
4. Multiple words smashed together are NOT permitted. (Examples: SouthDakota
   or kingsnake)
5. Proper names, including brand names, are NOT acceptable unless specified.
6. Medievia items/words/mobs will be accepted if they fit the category.
   Beware of using proper names; they will have to fit the category well.
   Clantown mobs, dragonlair dragon names, and other mobs that are not a
   permanent part of the game are not acceptable unless specified.
7. Spam, profanity, or excessively crude and inappropriate words may
   result in a freeze or other punishment at the quest god's discretion.
8. If the category requires a player's name, only approved names will be

*The quest god has FINAL WORD on whether he/she will accept a word for a
 given category. Some unusual words may be denied if they are too
 uncommon for the quest god to recognize them.

SCORING - Please see the script information for the individual gods
running the quest since it changes with whomever is running it.

Here are some helpful hints to get your words approved while playing

1. Read all of the rules before trying to play. Follow the rules for
   combined or plural words as described above or specified by the god
   that is running the game.
2. Read every category thoroughly and check for any extra directions or
   comments on that category.
3. Check to be sure your word is spelled and typed correctly before
   you enter it, you cannot change your word once it is entered.
4. If the god running the script does not approve your word, don't
   continue arguing after the first request to fix it. Remember it is a
   casual game and the more people argue the slower it runs.

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