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For a more detailed explanation of the math process in getting these
numbers, see Help ZONELIMITS

As a beginner, you may see a screen similar to the following:

%Exp       Exp Gained % Total Zone
---- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------
129%            4,028   9.94  1 - City of Medievia
129%            2,540   6.27  10 - The Graveyard
129%           33,948  83.79  11 - The Great Tree

Kills Until Adjustment: 246
Exp Total: 40,516

This screen shows your experience percentage (details on how to figure
them out exactly are in ZONELIMITS the experience gained in each
particular zone, the percentage of total experience gained in each zone
and the name/number of that zone.

Every 250 kills, the game will do an adjustment to your percentage. In
this example, the player needs 246 more kills before an adjustment will
be made. This person has also received a total of 40,516 experience.

To put it very simply, the higher your % Total is, the lower your zone
experience percentage will be after it is adjusted. This is because you
had received more experience in that zone.

As an advanced player, the list will grow bigger as you explore different