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5. Social Rules:
  If you have donated to Medievia, you are allowed to have one storage
  character PER character that you have donation eq on. Read
  Help DONATIONS to learn more about donating. This does NOT mean you can
  have both characters on at the same time. This means that you are allowed
  to hold your surplus eq on another character. Not logging completely off
  one before logging on another is still considered multiplaying.
  There is no swearing over public channels in Medievia. The normal punishment
  is a three (3) day freeze for the offending player. Extreme or repeated cases
  may be punished more severely, up to and including removal of the offending
  player and sitebanning.

  We also do not allow profanity in postings on any boards in Medievia.
  Clan channel, town channel, clan boards, and telepath are not considered
  private channels. If you curse in any of these areas and are reported it
  is a 3 day freeze, so do it at your own risk.

  Do not harass players (this includes racist/sexist remarks). Attempting to
  mudsex for money/equipment or any other type of payment is illegal. Anything
  regarding sexual actions on the game for payment or favors is illegal. So
  don't do it.
  Refrain from spamming other players (filling their screens with large
  quantities of pointless text). Spamming is illegal, and will result in
  punishment. (See Client Scripts section below)
  Read Help SPAM
  Respect gods and their decisions. Respect constitutes honestly answering
  questions, being helpful, and not being annoying. Not only is respect
  required, but it is a good idea. A god to whom you are respectful is more
  likely to accurately see your point of view, and take your side of a
  dispute into full consideration.
  Bashing and insulting players or clans is not permitted. For a
  definition of bashing see Help BASHING Players who bait people, pk
  aggressively, or otherwise willingly participate in abrasive situations
  should expect their complaints to be reviewed less stringently than
  players who were innocently attacked. It is the god's discretion how
  serious a bash is and whether or not it will be punished.
  Reporting to others information that was given to you and that you know was
  intended to be for private use is frowned upon, and in certain cases is
  illegal (e.g., giving out someone's phone number, e-mail, or other
  private information, without their prior permission).
  Gods have the discretion to decide whether a discussion of a subject on
  a public channel is appropriate. Even if the conversation falls within
  the rules, it should be dropped *immediately* if a god says to change
  the subject. Failure to do so will result in punishment, which will
  likely be a gag, freeze, or loss of hero status.