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3. CPK (Chaotic): (refer to LPK rules, as some might hold true in CPK Rules
   that do so will be clearly marked as holding true in CPK
  Do not attack your form in CPK This includes joining a formation,
  unforming, and attacking while in the CPK area (the same holds true for
  NOTE If you enter a zone in formation, or form in the zone, you can't
  CPK or loot each other until at least 10 minutes after you unform. Read
  ANNOUNCEMENT 467. It doesn't matter if you were formed in lawful,
  unformed, then went into CPK You still can't CPK or loot each other
  until 10 minutes after you unform. This includes CPK wilderness, which
  is treated as a separate zone from LPK and NPK wilderness.
  If someone tells you that they will not cpk you, and they are NOT in your
  formation, then later they cpk you "  " this isn't illegal. Trust no one!
  CPK is CPK the risks are many, so be leery of those hanging around that
  entrance to the cpk area. As well, if someone claims that they won't loot
  you, but they DO loot you, you are out of luck "  " TRUST NO ONE. CPK is
  CHAOTIC and just about anything goes.
  Do NOT loot any member of your formation with the intent to keep the
  looted eq.
  Heroes risk losing their privilege of being a hero if they prey on
  single-class players. This rule is waived if the single-class players
  are grouped with multi-class players. This includes any looting of a
  single-class player, regardless of who they were formed with. The only
  circumstances in which a hero may loot a single is "CPK DUEL" or if the
  single has lost his or her immunity by attacking or looting a player in
  CPK or lootstealing or killstealing in CPK See rule 3m.
  Undead corpses of players may not attack other players.
  Keep in mind, you press "Y" (Yes) to enter CPK Invalid complaints over
  CPK death will fall on deaf ears. Choosing to enter CPK is a choice, and
  the risks and rewards are many.
  CPKing clannies or townies is illegal, UNLESS you have a permanent post on
  your clan board(s) stating that your clan(s) may cpk each other, and this
  post pre-dates any clannie/townie-cpk incident. Looting clan/town members
  is illegal as well, unless this is also clearly stated upon the clan
  board(s). The post must be from the clan LEADER(s), and only the clan
  leader(s). CPKing a clan member that has NOT been enrolled in the clan for
  at least ONE MONTH is illegal, regardless of whether your clan allows
  clannie-cpk'ing or not. This is to avoid potential "enroll, cpk, unenroll"
  abuse. The only exception to these rules is the "CPK DUEL" arena in link.
  Luring is illegal. You cannot form with someone and take them into CPK
  with the intention of getting them CPK'd. CPKing someone who's formed
  with someone in your clan or town is illegal. If you form with someone and
  enter CPK or form up with someone while in CPK you may not CPK that
  person or anyone in their clan or town until 10 minutes after you
  unform. If one of you dies, the clock stops 'counting'. This 'immunity'
  only applies if you and the other person are in or near the zone, not
  if one of you is in MedLink or on the other side of the continent. Read
  ANNOUNCEMENT 467. This includes CPK wilderness, which is treated as a
  separate zone from LPK and NPK wilderness.
  See Also: LURING

  Be advised that this does not apply in "CPK DUEL" in link. Since both
  parties have to agree to enter, the forming rule does not apply and most
  luring situations do not exist. However, if you try to circumvent the
  rules of common sense by telling someone specifically what to type, or
  to ignore the warnings, you may be in violation of Rule 7a.

  Knowingly looting someone who's been illegally CPK'd is also illegal.
  When in doubt, don't.
  This rule has been removed.
  Do NOT cpk someone and then resurrect that player, even if you do not
  have the intention of cpk'ing that player again. Doing this will result
  in HARSH consequences.
  Arranging an agreement with another player to CPK that player for experience
  is punishable by removal of both characters.
  A single who attacks another player in CPK or CPKs or loots another
  player, anywhere other than "CPK DUEL" or lootsteals or killsteals in
  CPK forfeits his or her immunity from being CPK'd or looted by heroes.
  Any single formed with a single who's given up their immunity can also
  be CPK'd by heroes (but not looted). Singles who enter CPK when formed
  with someone who's either a CPKable single or a multi-class will be
  warned before the CPK prompt. They'll also be warned if they try to form
  in CPK with either of the above. Heroes won't see the (SINGLE) prompt
  for singles who they can CPK/loot legally. This is all tracked by the
  code, and is NOT retroactive. See ANNOUNCEMENT 467.
  For people that don't understand the 'spirit of the rules' concept: If
  you do something to deliberately make people lose link in CPK so that
  you can cpk them without having to deal with their defending themselves,
  expect to be frozen. Anything that circumvents the normal functions of
  fighting, coding and rules is a violation, and anyone who attempts to
  get around them in any way will have to deal with the consequences. This
  rule is an extension of 7a, and as such, punishments are at the total
  discretion of the higher godstaff.
  Arranging with friends so that you can CPK them is a quick way to get
  purged. Same with multiplaying and CPKing your other char.