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The Kah are a race of snake people who live in the ocean. There will be
many types, good and bad, along with wars between them. While Emerald
Kah are a player-helping ship mobfaction, the RUBY KAH are not!

These massive snake people are thirty feet long and as thick as a man's
chest. They hold their heads high and are very alert. Their heads are
a mix between a man, a snake, and a dolphin, but their most human aspect
are their four arms and hands. The gods admire their grace and strength
as well as their courage and beauty. The Ruby Kah's colorings are of
all shades of red in fractal patterns that show off the Fae magic that
saturates their body. The Fae magic on the Ruby Kah looks different
than other beasts of the ocean, we still do not know why.

The Ruby Kah are a very strange race of people. We do not understand their
language yet but they certainly appear to hate all humans. Most ships get
some warning as they near and this warning should set the whole crew in

After a few warnings the Ruby Kah will slither onto the ship all around
the main deck level. They will attack any enemy they see as they move very
quickly to the rigging.

Picture a massive thirty foot long snake person hanging from the rigging
like a coiled spring as it throws its head down, POUNCES on a player, and
yanks them away to fight. This is what they do. This is all that they love
to do. Shielded rooms will stop a Ruby Kah from moving but not from
pouncing on you and pulling you away.

There is some good news:
- They generally refuse to enter a hold. Why they will not do so is not
yet known but Marious thinks the Emerald Kah will soon tell us why after
he cracks their odd form of communication. When players hear the Ruby Kah
coming they should all run below decks as fast as possible where they are
generally totally safe.

- They generally will not pounce on anyone already fighting or in a room
where fighting is taking place.

- Marious reports that they actually have terrible eyesight. It is
possible to sneak out of the hold in small groups and fight tactically,
killing them with strategy.

There is some bad news:
While they do not see well, the Ruby Kah have many other senses that are
highly acute! They will detect a player that is not fighting and pounce
from the rigging if they detect:
  - A player above deck casting a spell.
  - A player above deck with fish or meat.
  - A player above deck breathing AT ALL
  - A player above deck that shouts.
  - A player above deck firing a gun.
  - A player above deck in a room with 4+ players.
  - A player mounted.

Notice that when you fight a Ruby Kah on the deck it will be nearly
impossible to survive as its attacks are so devastating. It is best to let
them get to the rigging and fight them there.

The Ruby Kah do not seem to be interested in damaging the ships. Little is
known about what drives these strange creatures but Marious thinks it has
something to do with the Fae magic, and that the Emerald Kah and the Ruby
Kah are in some sort of war over magic and humans. He has a hunch that
this war will hold secrets to the source of the Fae magic.

There is some other good news for some situations: SERPENTS WILL NOT
ATTACK A SHIP WITH RUBY KAH This means that sometimes the Ruby Kah are a
godsend! If your ship is in bad shape and about to get sunk by a few more
serpent ramming attacks, the Ruby Kah can save the day. You let them alone
above decks and get to repair your ship, and even continue to fire from
below decks. You can send out players to fix the above deck guns as well;
they just cannot move fast, cast a spell, fire a gun, have fish or meat,
shout, or be in a room with 4+ people, etc.

HINT We have defeated the Ruby Kah with just 3 people at a risk of 900.
With good tactics and strategies the Ruby Kah are actually pretty easy.
They force teamwork to save the day and lack of it to ruin the day.