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Chooses a random number between 0.0 and 100.9 and displays it to the room.

Syntax: roll

***** Using the ROLL command for gambling will get you PURGED *****
***** Using the ROLL command for gambling will get you PURGED *****
***** Using the ROLL command for gambling will get you PURGED *****

The ROLL command may be used to decide game matters randomly and fairly.
This includes, but is not limited to, figuring out which member of a FORM
may loot a CORPSE or get a piece of EQUIPMENT

The command is NOT to be used to gamble in ANY WAY including passing out
equipment that is not brand-new to the game. For example, it is OK to use
ROLL to decide who gets a "DRAGON CRYSTAL" your form just found. It is NOT
legal to use ROLL to allow your friends to compete for a DC you are
offering as a prize. This is gambling, and it will get you and your
friends involved purged forever.

Every use of this command is logged, meaning gods can check what happened
without any bias or doubt. These logs are kept forever. Do not attempt to
use ROOM or EMOTE to "fake" a roll; you will not get away with it.

The following is the text of ANNOUNCEMENT 708 from Vryce about gambling.
This announcement is part of the RULES of Medievia.

I am so completely sick of dealing with roll scams that I have reached
this point of no return.

We deal with 2-12 rolling scams a week. Each time someone is purged. Each
time it sucks up literally many god man hours. Each time someone gets

It is over.

If you roll or use this game in anyway to gamble for anything, you will be
purged. This is black and white and very easy to understand on purpose.
All gambling is purgeable. It is not to happen again in Medievia.

I repeat, if you gamble in Medievia for gold or equipment or anything,
small or large, all involved will be purged.

Just to be totally crystal clear:
There is now a total prohibition on gambling in our game.

I am sorry but this is an end to the people who use Medievia to run sports
books. If you mention one thing on any board or take 1 piece of gold
gambling on anything, you will be purged. Is this fun? No not really.
Blame the idiots. Please do not blame me. If you want to run a gambling
sports book with Medievia players it better be 100% off my game, not
talked about, discussed, managed, or mentioned here, at all, anywhere. I
hope this is clear.

If we see you do it, if someone tells us you did it and we check logs, if
someone prays about it, if I see you do it in logs just by accident when
looking for something else, in any and every way, if you gamble you are
purged. This is black and white on purpose. I just want to be clear. You
can give someone old eq or gold or whatever, you cannot gamble for

The ROLL command was created for one pure gameplay purpose and we need it
to remain. It is only to be used for NEW STUFF. If you are in a party and
need to decide who gets what from a corpse or a room or any new stuff, you
use the ROLL command to decide. It was designed to make it fair and safe
as everyone in the room sees the roll, and it is logged and checkable. Why
do a few people have to abuse everything for everyone?

Every time someone in the room rolls the whole room sees this:
GAMBLING IS PROHIBITED! You may only use the ROLL command for NEW STUFF.
Gambling for anything is PURGEABLE in our game! Read HELP ROLL

There will be no I didn't know' excuses accepted.

I am sick of dealing with sick people. People who have gambling problems
are sick. Sick in the head. Dealing with them just gives me the weeby
jeebies, and even worse is watching a young person that did not have a
gambling problem when they started to play, end up having one. These
people will roll double or nothing until they get purged. They will then
make a new player and find that they are only playing to get gold to roll

They just need to be bonked on the head. Consider this change one GOD LIKE
BONK ON YOUR HEAD. Straighten up! You were lucky to be born and your life
is a miracle, full of potentially priceless joyful moments, right up until
you die, which is generally a long time. It is a good deal. Why waste it
and poison your stupid human brain with a gambling problem?

Don't be an idiot.

This is not my sickness. This is not the plan for our game. This is a deep
multiplayer RPG family game. This is a game where you learn leadership
skills, team skills, reading, typing, personality lessons, problem
solving, time management, the meaning of a reputation, forward thinking,
learning from mistakes, spatial and geographical skills, etc etc. You
learn a lot here and we work damn hard making that a fact and making sure
to keep that as our number one mission statement when we design features.
I do not want gambling to be a feature here. We allow gambling on
herowagers but that is very restricted both in what you gamble for and how
much you can gamble.

Young people are being blasted with gambling from all angles in this day
and age, and it is wrong and dangerous. Young people may feel all smart
and in control but trust me, usually around the age of 25 every person
that has ever lived realizes how stupid they have been when they were
younger. You are no different. We are supposed to help, guide, and be good
examples to young people, not need the almighty dollar so bad that we need
to poison the whole lot of them with gambling problems. The person with
true gambling problems actually want to lose. I have seen this over and
over even here in my sheltered little world. It is frightening to witness.

So now we learn another thing when we play our game.

Uncontrolled gambling is a very dangerous, for your mind and your life.
When you start 'needing' to gamble you have become an idiot.