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A reset occurs when either the system shuts down, or a god restarts
Medievia. Certain items only load at a reset. After the game has been up
for a certain period of time, a zone may do a full reset. This means
equipment normally found only with a reset may now repop if the game has
been up for a certain period of time. This can happen to all zones. The
longer the game is up, the greater the chance of any zone full resetting.

Do not abuse PRAY to ask for a reset. Resets are done when the staff needs
to install new programming or fix a bug, not by request.

A repop occurs after a certain amount of time. The time is different for
each zone. At a repop, mobs are again loaded into that particular zone.
LISTZONE lists the zones and times for repops.

A crash is nearly the same as a restart, except that there is an error in
the code that causes the shutdown. When players are able to log back on to
Medievia, the system acts as if it was a reset. Crashes come without
warning, where normally a god will forewarn if there is to be a reset.