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There are many different ways to quit from the land of Medievia. Between
the levels of 2 and 11, you can simply quit as long as you are in the City
of Medievia. You do this by typing only the word QUIT When you reach
level 12, you must use one of the following ways to quit. It is best to
learn how to quit out from the game before you reach level 12 so that you
need not spend the time figuring it out when you absolutely need to.

If you are level 1, your character will not save. If you wish to leave the
game without saving your character, just close the program you are using
(disconnect, also called "lose link").

HOTELS:  You are able to rent from within any hotel for a fee. When you
         type RENT you will automatically be charged 100 gold coins.
         Many of the cities and clantowns have hotels that you are able to
         quit in. If you are in the City of Medievia, City of Trellor, or
         in a clantown, use the GUIDE command to find a hotel.

CAMPING When you are in the wilderness you are able to use the CAMP
         command. This command cannot be used while in a zone, but you
         can be just outside of any area you wish. (See Help CAMP for more
         information). There is no charge in gold for camping, but it
         will cost you MOVEMENT points and/or HITPOINTS Once you've
         used the CAMP command, you can quit by typing QUIT

UNDEAD  If you are undead, you can quit anywhere at all simply by typing
         QUIT Quitting out or dropping link while undead will *not*
         decrease the time you need to wait to pray.

GOHOME  If you have a gohome, you may use this command to quit from your
         house or clanhall. (See Help GOHOME for more information)

GOHALL  If you are in a clan, you are able to use this command to go to
         your clanhall to quit. Players level 2-20 who are in the Newbie
         Clan (clan 50) can use this command to go to their clanhall too.

You can only use the GOHALL and GOHOME commands if you are in the same
zone as your clanhall or gohome. This means, to quit out in your clanhall,
you must first go to your clantown. You cannot quit in a MedLink clanhall.

Note: If you use certain commands (where, who -z, scry, locate object, and
sense presence) shortly after logging in, then try to log out, you may be
charged a fee and transported to the City of Medievia. This does not apply
if you are in your gohome or clanhall.