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The aim of this quest is to fight a war against your enemy god's sects
and gain followers. The sect that gains the amount needed to end the
war will win the quest.

Leaders and coleaders:
Each team will have a chosen leader and coleader. They are selected at the
start of the quest and will change if either of those players leave the
quest at a later stage. Leaders gain the ability to claim power spells
from their gods.
Each god is connected to a different plant and cycle of the day. This
means you will only be offered the ability to claim power spells when it
is your cycle. Coleaders may gain the ability to offer herbs to their god
via the quest god, who will either be roaming the battle field or watching
from limbo. In order to be able to offer herbs, a leader needs to claim
the 'start growth' spell.

There are currently 13 different spells that may be claimed. At a later
stage, cycle-specific spells will be brought into the war. As a leader,
you will be telepathed from time to time--depending on the cycle--the
ability to claim spells. Since the gods of each sect will need to
concentrate their power to call forth a spell, the sect will have to
relinquish some followers. Most spells will be simple and only cost a few
followers, but a few will cost many followers. These are spells such as
BONUS, START GROWTH, and so forth. Any spell that is telepathed to you
in all capital letters (e.g., 'telepath Selthios START GROWTH'), will need
to be telepathed in capital letters to claim.

Current spells are as follows:
dragon fire, cursed life, unstable conflict, minor help, random, potency,
shock, ascendence, health, malediction, feast, disruption, glyph, carcer,

Followers are like sheep; they flock to sects that have shown ability to
defend their gods, and they leave those who lack ability. There are few
ways to gain followers and more ways to lose them. If a coleader offers
the right herb, their god will be pleased and find some more followers to
help the cause.

Power Plays:
During the war the gods may decide to influence the battle by cheating.
They may harm enemy warriors or heal their own warriors.

This quest is still under development, and large changes in play will
occur now and again. This file isn't finished, so be aware.

The following are the commands you may use during the war to find
out information.
telepath me enlighten       - gives current follower numbers of all sects
telepath me illuminate      - tells you how many followers you have gained
telepath me duration        - informs you of the length of the war
telepath me high priests    - informs you who the high priests are
telepath me apoc divination - informs you which leaders you will need to
                              kill after you cast the Apocalypse spell

To win the game, you must cast the Apocalypse spell and kill both enemy
leaders without dying. The spell will take most of your followers to cast.

==Note that this quest is still in development!==

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