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Required Levels: Various Level Restrictions per game
Location:        Eliminator Area of the Wasteland
Scoring:         Rank based on elimination order.
Time:            Runs until 1 team is left
Prize:           Special Quest Object

Object: 16 players enroll. There are 8 Rounds to the game. The rounds pit
the players in 1 on 1 battles. Everyone fights at the same time per
round. But you only fight 1 other person, in a 4 room area. Your opponents
are selected based on ranking "  " you have no choice about who you fight.
After each round there is time to "regroup" and prepare yourselves for the
next round. Occasionally players receive a by round and get time to relax.

qc enroll - enroll in game
qc info   - show level restrictions for current game
qc help   - info

tell <Quest God> stats - receive your current stats (note: stats are not
updated until the quest is completely over)