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Token Chase is played in the arena. It is a battle between two factions to
reach a certain number of points.

Each team has one "leader" and one "runner." All of the remaining players on
the team are "grunts." For a team to get a point, one of the team's grunts
must first kill the other team's runner. Naturally, the other team will try
to do the same, while also trying to protect their own runner.

If a grunt is able to kill the enemy team's runner, he receives the enemy
team's "token." He must then find the god running the quest. The god will be
wandering semi-randomly around the arena. If the grunt is able to reach the
god without being killed, and smiles at the god (by typing "beam <QuestGod>"),
he trades in the token for a point for his side. If he is killed before he
can do this, the token is recovered by the other side.

If a grunt is killed, he goes to the penalty box. This is a non-pk no-exit
room. The grunt is trapped in the penalty box until it is cleared. The box
is cleared every few minutes, which causes all grunts in the box to be sent
back to the arena's entry room. If a runner is killed, he also goes to the
penalty box. Unlike grunts, though, he doesn't wait for the box to be
cleared. He will stay in the box until the grunt who killed him either dies
or delivers the stolen token to the god. Once one of these things happens
the runner will be given the token back and placed in the arena. Team
leaders never go to the penalty box. If they are killed they are placed back
in the arena immediately.

Only grunts can kill enemy runners. If the team leader or runner kills the
enemy runner, no token is awarded, and the runner is returned to the arena
immediately. Leaders and runners are restored every time they die. Grunts
are never restored.

tell QuestGod info   - shows you player information
tell QuestGod score  - shows you the score

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