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Object: Players choose partners and make teams of two. There are 5 levels
to the game (by default--this can be changed). You fight team vs. team and
the winning team moves up and the loser moves down. You cannot move down
from level one--a loss on level one will leave you on level one. Fights
occur in a 2x2 room arena. Your opponents are selected at random from the
available opponents on your level. A sixty second warning occurs before
each fight that will tell you who your opponents are. If you lose a fight
your team will not be entered back into the fight queue unless both
members of the team re-enroll. Once two teams reach level five, the quest
goes into finals mode and all current players are removed from the quest.

Note: To remove from this quest you cannot be fighting. If you remove from
the quest your team is disbanded and your teammate will be removed also.
If you re-enroll you will be on level one.

tell <Quest God> remove me - Removes your team from the quest.
tell <Quest God> free - Shows who is available to team.

See also: QUEST