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Think you are smart? Think you are fast? Try your luck at Sign Quest!!!

Required Levels: None
Location: Medievia City
Time: Varies
Prize: Treasure from chest room

   Signs will be placed around the streets of the City of Medievia. Players
   must look at the signs, answer the questions, and type LOOK <answer>.
   When the player does this, they are given ONE word from the final
   question. When a player has collected and unscrambled the final phrase,
   they must return to the chest room and type GET ALL <finalanswer>.
   Players can work in teams, but there is a chance the prize can't be
   divided nor given away.

 *IF* the answer to the final question is more than one word, combine them.

    Question:  What spell does a mage get at level 1?
    Answer:    magicmissile

    Question:  What ship once traveled the seas of Medievia transporting
               people from Medievia City to Trellor?
    Answer:    themightycuttermystara

    qc enroll - enroll in game

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