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Mxyzptlk is a word game for all Medievian citizens to participate in,
including gods. Gods cannot win Mxyzptlk finals except as an honorary

This quest is a race to 200 points (by default.) Players receive
points by forming words out of a jumble of letters that the
Quest God (QG) chooses. Each letter is worth a random number of
points (determined at the beginning of the quest.) You can receive
bonus points depending on how quickly you make words. Only words
that are at least 4 characters in length will be accepted. Only
words that are Medievia related will be accepted. There are six
types of Medievia words that will be accepted: mobiles, players,
objects, helpfiles, socials and zones.

Here is how you play:
1.) There is no enrollment, you don't need to telepath the Quest God
    (QG) anything to be enrolled. When the first set of letters come
    out, telepath the QG "word <yourword> <type>" to make an entry.
    You can telepath the QG for every word that you can create with the
    letters that the QG has displayed (unlike Scrapple, where you can only
    make one entry.)
2.) Wait until the round is over, and watch to see if your words were
3.) Once the first round has been scored you can telepath the QG "score"
    to see how many points you have.
4.) The game will run until someone hits 200 points (by default, the QG
    can change this.)
5.) Cash prizes are awarded to the winners.

Note: The quest god has FINAL WORD on whether he/she will accept a word.
      Things like god pets, god objects, equipment in unopened zones, etc.,
      will be denied based on the QG's discretion.


telepath <Quest God> word <word> <type> - The "type" can be one of five
                                          things: mobile, player, object,
                                          helpfile, social or zone. These
                                          can be abbreviated to mob, pla,
                                          obj, hel, soc, or zon
                                          respectively. If a round is
                                          running, this will submit your
                                          entry to the QG.

telepath <Quest God> letters            - If a round is running, this
                                          will display the letters
                                          available for use.

telepath <Quest God> score              - This will let you know what your
                                          score is.

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