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Required Levels: Various Level Restrictions per game
Location:        The Medball Arena in the Wasteland
Scoring:         You gain points as time goes by, see below
Time:            Variable, determined by Quest God
Prize:           Quest Points

The object of Medball is to have the most points when the game ends.
There are two ways to gain points. The first way to gain points is
to hold onto a colored ball inside the Medball arena. You will receive
ball level * 5 points every Medball "tick" (which is approximately every
30 seconds.) There are fourteen colored balls, listed here in order of
level: Grey, Cyan, Magenta, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, WHITE, CYAN,
MAGENTA, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED. There is a difference between
lowercase and uppercase balls, and for those that use ansi the less
powerful balls are not in bold. The second way to receive points is to
kill people that have balls. You will receive points based on the level
of your opponent's ball (opponent ball level * 10) for every kill you
make. For every kill you make, the level of your ball goes up by one (to
level 14, the RED ball.) For every time you are killed, the level of your
ball decreases by one. You will only receive points and a more powerful
ball if the person you kill has a ball. If you are killed, you lose your
ball level * 5 points. Every time you re-enroll it costs you 15% of your
total points. The top three players (based on points) at the end of the
quest receive a prize.


qc enroll - enroll in the game
qc info   - show level restrictions for current game
qc help   - info

tell <Quest God> remove me - removes yourself from quest
tell <Quest God> time      - will show the remaining time for the quest
tell <Quest God> score     - will show your current points