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Lotto quest is a very simple quest that can make a nice amount of money.

To play simply telepath the quest god "rules" and then transfer him the
correct amount of gold needed to buy a ticket, usually 1 million.

You can only buy one ticket at a time so if a ticket is 1 million gold and
you want to buy 5 tickets then you have to transfer 1 million gold 5 times.
Once you buy a ticket you will be given the ticket numbers. Each ticket has
five random numbers, from 1 to around 20.

To win you must match the 5 numbers on the ticket to the exact 5 numbers
chosen by the quest script. You will receive 70% of the pot if you win.

If you transfer the wrong amount or to the wrong person you must be
paitent and wait for things to be fixed. Read the rules carefully and make
sure you are doing the right thing at the right time.

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