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Required Levels: Open
Scoring:         Point based
Time:            Runs till the Quest God stops it
Prize:           Gold

The Quest God sets the answer and 4 hints, then the round starts and the
first hint is given, a bit later the next hint, and then the next until
all hints are given, the total time for all hints is around one minute.
You only have three chances to answer durring the entire round, so you
need to be patient and think. Telepath the Quest God ispy <word> to give
your answer.

You must give the full name of the item/zone/mobile etc, if the answer is
"the will of tanova" you cannot just put "will", this is the same if the
answer is "city of trellor", the word "trellor" is not enough.

tell QuestGod ispy <word> - to give your answer
tell QuestGod score       - to get your score
tell QuestGod info        - for the current round number, and leading player

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