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Required Levels: Various
Location:        Invasion Area of the Wasteland
Scoring:         1 point per round number, per mob killed
Time:            7 Rounds of 3 minutes each
Prize:           TBA

Object: There are 7 rounds of the assault. You are assigned or choose
your team (Asnor, Bloodstone, or Chepstow) and form with them to fight
mobs as other teams fight, doing the same thing. MOB STEALING IS
ENCOURAGED. At the end of each round, scores are calculated, and at the
end of seven rounds, the winning team receives their prize.

qc enroll                  - enroll in game
qc info                    - show level restrictions for current game
qc help                    - information on quest
tell <Quest God> remove me - removes yourself from quest (before
                             picking teams only)
See Also: QUEST