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Object: 16 players enroll and eight 2-man teams are made. There are
two Arenas. In the center of each Arena is the "hill". Four teams
are loaded into the first Arena, and the other four are loaded into
the second Arena. The object is to kill the members of the other teams
for points. If you kill someone in the center of the Arena (on the
hill), your team is awarded one point. If you kill someone anywhere
else (in the forest), that person's team loses a point. The first team
to reach 5 points will then battle the team in the other Arena that
has also gained 5 points. When you die, you are put into "limbo"
for 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds are up, you are transferred back
into the arena again. Once a team from each arena has scored 5 points,
the final battle begins. This is an all out elimination, there is no
limbo "  " if you die, it's solely up to your partner to kill the other
team. Last team standing wins.

t questgod score - shows how many points your team has

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